What is a Haematologist?

Haematologists are experts in the management of disorders that involve the blood or blood forming organs (bone marrow, spleen and lymphoid tissues).

Blood cells

Diseases of the blood (leukaemia) and lymphoid glands (lymphoma and myeloma) are usually treated by haematologist.

Haematologists may also treat genetic disorders such as haemophilia and thalassemia, blood clotting disorders including the development of a blood clot and bone marrow disorders that may require bone marrow transplantation.

Specialist haematologists also manage patients who require blood transfusions.

Many haematologists also work in a diagnostic laboratory examining microscopic samples of blood and bone marrow or performing specialised investigations to establish a diagnosis in patients with blood disorders.

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Melbourne Haematology

Melbourne Haematology is a group of clinical and laboratory trained specialist haematologists based in Melbourne dedicated to provide comprehensive management of patients with haematological disorders

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Melbourne Haematology currently has over 30 Haematologists practicising in over 20 locations throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including Geelong.

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